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How It Works

Evolve Recycling pays organizations cash for depleted ink and toner cartridges then re-manufactures will recycle those unused assets - keeping millions of pounds of e-waste out of landfills each year.

Here's How it Works

  1. Register for free.
  2. Recycle - Collect and send empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges (see price list for acceptable items). Print or order shipping labels then reuse boxes from your home or office to ship product.
  3. Ship and Earn! - Once you have 20 items or 20lbs (4-5 toner cartridges) log on and print a pre-paid shipping label. Then you'll automatically receive a check when you've banked over $25.

Prepaid UPS Shipping Labels

Relax - we'll pay for the shipping! Simply order our self-adhesive shipping labels or print them from your own computer.

For more information please visit Evolve Recycling.